Team of professionals
Many years of experience and an individual approach to effective and creative task completion
and decentralized finance
in the field of Blockchain
Experience in the crypto industry
>6 Years
Experienced professionals in the team
Amount of capital currently under management/The current size of our management portfolio
$11,5 млн
The effectiveness of
the recommendations provided
The power of our mining equipment
7 МВт
in various projects
CryptoMetrica Consulting is ...
  • Registrations in services, e-wallets, exchanges

  • Verifications

  • Security questions

  • Execution of transactions

  • Deposit/withdrawals of crypto-assets

  • P2P arbitrations, up-to-date information and tools

  • Search for information and solutions

  • Relevant topics and strategies

  • Notifications of significant upcoming events
  • Communication in your preferred channel

  • Remote assistance

  • Assistance with various transactions

  • Analysis of, and providing relevant analytics of projects and investment instruments

  • Working with NFT, Meta, P2E platforms

  • Mining and Nodes (Equipment, Acquisition, Placement, Setup)

  • Education

  • Selection of contractors and necessary specialists

  • Running personal errands

  • Dedicated manager 24/7
  • Integration of physical business into blockchain/WEB3

  • Use of cryptocurrency by legal entities in various jurisdictions

  • Creating branding and marketing strategies

  • Attracting investment opportunities in projects/start-ups

  • Issue and distribute tokens (TGE)

  • Development of tokenomics, whitelists, smart contracts, etc.

  • List on exchanges
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There is no capitalization in the market, as in 2021. Projects don’t give X’s the way they used to.
Many do not understand
how and where to invest their money safely in a bear market.
Most investment decisions in any projects are not professionally thought through. Often investments are made on the advice of acquaintances.
Scam cases have become more frequent. Projects do not fulfill their obligations and investors are left without money.
CryptoMetrica Consulting will answer your
questions, complete your tasks, help you
save and increase your assets
Crypto Industry Challenges in 2023
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